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So there’s a new kid on the block in Socialmedialand and it takes advantage of that shared, unfenced property line with its elite media friend across the way in video production…It’s called Vine and it’s getting people more excited than I’ve seen with any other micro-video app!

Vine certainly isn’t the first video sharing app to come onto the scene, nor is it really even the best in my opinion but it’s hitting on a couple of things that are giving it a more viral quality than I found with other video social networks Viddy or or Socialcam or certainly with apps that are primarily just tools like iSuper8 or 8mm — the concept is easy, the interface is simple and clean and it was apparently seeded correctly. I joined after I saw at least a dozen of  my Instagram buddies had, true story!

Also, the fact that it was developed by Twitter and Viddy allegedly shot itself in the foot may have been a part of it all, too…

But now lets talk about some REALLY fun stuff!

Pounds Media #MySTL Vine Competition

My friends over at Pounds Media are running one of the first contests using Vine called the #MySTL Vine Competition! Here is the rundown of what to do to enter:

What is important, funny or amazing about St. Louis? We want to know and we are willing to pay for it.

At the end of two weeks our team will watch and judge each Vine entry. The scoring will be in three categories: creativity, technique and relevance to the theme (#MySTL). The three Vines with the highest scores will win one of three amazing prize packs.

3rd place will receive: $25 in cash, one pair of Inspire Pro Yurbuds, a dozen future doughnuts from Strange Donuts, a bomber of 4 Hands Smoked Pigasus, a four pack of Fitz’s root beer, and a mini-bag of delicious Red Hot Ripplets. (approx. $90 value)

2nd place will receive: $50 in cash, one pair of Inspire Pro Yurbuds, a t-shirt from STL-Style, a dozen future doughnuts from Strange Doughnuts, one pound of Khaldi’s coffee, a six-pack of Schlafly Dry-hopped APA, a four pack of Fitz’s root beer, and a medium bag of delicious Red Hot Ripplets. (approx. $150 value)

1st place will receive $100 in cash one pair of Inspire Pro Yurbuds, a Yurbuds sports backpack,  a t-shirt from STL-Style, a dozen future doughnuts from Strange Doughnuts, one pound of Khaldi’s coffee, an Urban Chestnut variety pack, a four pack of Fitz’s root beer, and a large bag of delicious Red Hot Ripplets. (approx. $260 value)


-For your Vine to be an official entry it must have the #MySTL hashtag and tag @PoundsMedia in the Vine.

-There are no limits to the number of entries, bring ‘em on!

-Entries will be recieved between 12:01 PM CST on Wednesday February 6th until 10:00 PM CST on Wednesday February 20th.

For a complete list of rules, check out their official contest entry at

Want to make a great Vine video? Pounds Media is offering some pretty rad prizes so I hope after all that you at least kinda do! In my time derping around with the app already I have a list of a few dos and don’ts that I would recommend to maximize your chances of winning:

  1. Make some cuts – It already makes me crazy to see essentially a 6-second Instagram photo on Vine. Even just kinda turning to show a landscape with no cuts ends up being a snore. It can be made cool of course but I think a better bet is just to spice it up by taking your finger off your screen a few times during your filming.
  2. Tell a story or build a concept – The other part of the crazy-making from just watching a bunch of 6 second photos is that they don’t communicate beyond what a still photo could. Video used like a photo can make your viewer uncomfortable because they are actually so different. Motion is a gift, use it to its fullest! Do something with your video that you can’t capture with a photo, even if it’s just making a montage of shots of the cool restaurant you are at or something!


1. Mind your sound – Vine DOES record sound for your video so if you can get the sounds in your short to lend to your story, even better! Check out Jason Coffee‘s approach to this:

2. Use detachable camera lenses – Shooting your video clips through different lenses (like these on!) can add additional depth to your stories. It takes some orientation for each but I really like Adam Goldberg‘s use of a fisheye lens in his Vine videos!

Are you using Vine? What has your experience with it been like? Leave a comment!

For those about to [REC.], we salute you!