Hey Girl Saved Instagram Videos


You really got me, now…

You got me so I don’t know what I’m doin’…

As much as I’ve been a total “Vine-was-first” snob, this last update that Instagram snuck on us like genius ninjas is…not exactly genius but then yeah, kinda, because they just delivered what everyone was asking for in Vine. And I kinda hate how that’s still often a hard action for companies to nail.

Heh. Heh. Hard. Action. Nail. /snort

The most notable part of the 4.1 release is that you can import video clips from your library…AND crop them all up to allow for a bit of editing AND still add effects.


THEN you can ALSO add MORE library clips OR record NEW clips but you can’t crop new clips. You can ALSO go back and DELETE clips but only in reverse order. Decided you didn’t want to use the first clip after you’ve filmed several more?

TOO BAD, you done screwed up. In order to kill the first clip you gotta kill ’em all.

But that’s whatever, you can just get really sneaky and film all of your clips on your phone and then just import them in the order you want.

Huh…I was getting frustrated with that part earlier this week as I was derping with some clips but, yeah, this workaround is pretty legit…god, this writing stuff out thing really works sometimes, doesn’t it??

I dig this update because it allows for more flexibility in piecing your story together but I also really did appreciate how Vine FORCED you to tell your whole story real-time. The folks who rose to the top on Vine did so because they are simply very good at what they do and/or actually live very interesting lives whereas the opportunity to put your own video puzzle together over time allows for all kinds of new craziness, like this great example that my friend TJ of Pounds Media made:

A lot of changes for #VioletBelle over the last year

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A time lapse of his adorable little girl growing up…STOP IT, I’M FEELING FEELINGS…

Oh, and thanks to the Pounds dudes for being all like “HEY BLOG ABOUT THIS UPDATE.” I couldn’t have done this without then exploiting your work and family, so thanks for that!

Anyway, how will this Instagram update totally annihilate all that was right and good in your life or maybe be pretty cool? Leave a comment or we’re not friends.

For those about to [REC.], we salute you!