CAMERA: Canon Rebel EOS T4i
LENS: Canon 18-55mm EF-S IS STM lens
EDITING: Final Cut Pro X
MUSIC: from
MIC(s)Audio Technica PRO88W-R35 Wireless Lavalier System with ATR3350mW Omnidirectional Mic, 170 MHz
EXTRAS: Metal tripod, blood, sweat, tears

Did you know that it just takes longer to do things when you’re not a pro at doing something all the time? Yeah, imagine that…the learn-as-you-go method is INCREDIBLY effective on the side of completion but holy crap does it take its time…

By the time this video was all said and done and compacted neatly below 2.5 minutes, my coworker Lenny & I had probably invested nearly 2 whole weeks’ worth of straight hours into concepting, writing, producing and editing this thing together over the course of about a month…in between the REST of the work we still had in our formal job descriptions…and we had pretty much optimal conditions for everything. We didn’t realize just HOW much we lucked out being able to shoot in the patches of gloriously cool weather last month until we had just a few remaining shots to grab on a 90+ degree day…

Hauling all of your own equipment AND also being on-camera can only happen well if you are not melting, ain’t nobody got time for sweat drips and pit stains and the  debilitating, surly mood that sets in after about 30 seconds of trying to coordinate everything in that heat.

Regardless, we remain delusional and after all the pain and suffering to birth this thing Lenny and I are looking forward to working on more fun shorts like this to keep growing ourselves and diversifying VCU’s media offerings! But for any initiatives we have that we want to really hit hard we know the value of outsourcing polished production to pros when the occasion calls for it. We still have a lot to learn.

I admit it’s not the most polished work ever but I know what a labor of love it was, what a big jump forward we made shooting this in full manual mode on my DSLR and I’m always proud of progress, spastic and clumsy as it may be!

I open the floor up now for discussion because the NEXT thing I shoot I want to blow it out of the water? Whatchoo got, anything good, bad or ugly for me to consider next time?

For those about to [REC.], we salute you!