I have only recently discovered Humans of New York but my love for the project pretty much immediately shot out of my eyeballs. Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful, simple examples I can think of where humans are just doing human stuff together and it’s just goddamn gorgeous.

Brandon Stanton set out on this challenge to himself to photograph 10,000 people in New York City and along the way began interviewing this subjects. I love stories like these where someone just set out to DO a thing for their own curiosity’s sake and it became this entire OTHER thing and a whole lot of people got an incredible glimpse of humanity that only an idea and a lot of hard work can reveal.

This presentation he made to the Literary & Historical Society at University College in Dublin is about how he gets strangers on the street to let him photograph them, but also how he gets them to share their stories. It’s an intense process and he says straight up that the only way it’s possible to get good at something like this is to just go and DO it thousands of times and get all the mixed results that come with it.

It made me think about what it would take to take this sort of approach but get these kind of stories on video. And by yourself like Brandon operates.

Not only is the gear required more extensive but getting another person to open up on the spot in motion is another level. Video is really another media entirely that people often still don’t feel comfortable presenting on and putting people at ease–especially if you are are also fiddling with your equipment trying to be your own crew–would be…I don’t know, damn near acrobatic.

But the only way to even potentially become a badass Director/DP combo is to just do it.

Thanks, Nike.

Before I try to become the most rockstar ninja guru Director/DP ever though I just want to focus on getting some of my OWN stories coherently documented first–both in video and using my typing-words-skills like a big girl. My challenge now is to resurrect this blog to become a resource to folks that want to get into video production starting from their camcorder or smartphone on up.

What challenges have you set up for yourself, lately?

For those about to [REC.], we salute you!