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How to Make a Simple Testimonial Video

This is something I’ve been encountering a lot lately and I decided it was time to put together the list of stuff a video beginner needs to know for even the simplest of simple videos – the client testimonial video.

Client testimonial videos are about the easiest kinds of productions to pull off and they’re one of the first things I recommend considering as a company begins making their foray into this type of media. It’s a type of video that can be easily standardized and contains some of the most valuable stories a company could POSSIBLY share–the stories of people who bought your stuff and thought is was great!

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Video Production Checklist – Right Before Going On Location

Okay kids, again we talk about the importance of planning and how it will save you migraines and anal leakage over time if you think ahead like good little boys and girls.

Just don’t…you know, start PLANNING so hard you get migraines and anal leakage, I guess…

Anyway, this planning relates to the stuff you need to gather right before you’re going to head out to record. Shoots often have different combos of equipment needed so make sure you scope this list then analyze and map out the things you will need each time, AHEAD of time.

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Simple Video Pre-Production Checklist

If there’s something I used to hate as much as audio, it was pretty much planning ahead. For like, anything. Ever.

I was always the kind of student that would write my term papers the day before they were due.

I took my ACT in December before I graduated high school in May of ’08. I think I started applying to colleges in like, April.

For the biggest, scariest interview of my life that won me the coolest job I’d ever even heard of, I showed up in a tank top and flip flops because I misunderstood what was going on.

One of my primary life success skills is actually “flying by my ass.” And it got me by pretty well–

Until I started working with video.

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